Weschud Schweitzer

Schweitzer is a North Idaho gem with 2900 acres of elbow room overlooking 43 miles of lake. It’s also a six-hour drive from Seattle. Which explains why many Seattleites have never heard of it. So how do you get skiers to drive hours past what they know to a place they can’t even pronounce? And how do you keep locals from resenting these newcomers?

Weschud Schweitzer is an open invitation to fun-seekers willing to drive further for something they can’t find anywhere else.

“What we love about the Weschud Schweitzer campaign is that it celebrates what we’ve got here,” said Sean Mirus, Marketing and Special Events Director at Schweitzer. “But it’s also an open invitation. It lets people who haven’t been here yet know that if you get and appreciate what makes Schweitzer so special, you should definitely come visit.”

The Weschud Schweitzer campaign runs in the Seattle and Eastside areas and includes online video, paid social, digital display, paid search, radio, and out-of-home.


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