To welcome new fans of Idaho’s Schweitzer, a paradise for outdoor fun-junkies and avoiders of crowds, Schweitzer broke ground in 2019 on a new on-mountain boutique hotel. 

And while the new hotel will be straight-up niiiiiice from the foundation up, anything with a whiff of “coastie” pretense sticks out like a manicured sore thumb in no-BS Northern Idaho. So in naming and branding the new hotel, we balanced a high-end aesthetic with gritty local roots. The hotel’s name, Humbird, is inspired by the Humbird Lumber Company, the lifeblood of Sandpoint in the early 1900’s. The mills of the Humbird Lumber Company transformed Sandpoint from a male-dominated logging settlement of 400 people to a bustling small town of 3,500 brimming with families. And you can tie a lot of the area’s “work hard play hard” vibe to the no-nonsense folks who made Humbird hum. Humbird’s cross-laminated timber interior is also an eco-friendly homage to the area’s logging history.

The Humbird logo draws inspiration from the stacks of skis that will soon surround the hotel, as well as Schweitzer’s original black-letter Bavarian mark. The vibrant colors speak to Schweitzer’s up-at-dawn, finish-with-a-pint energy.

We also created the name and branding for Humbird’s in-hotel restaurant and bar, Crow’s Bench. Crow’s Bench was named after a somewhat notorious local hangout in the 1890’s--a row of benches across from the saloons where drinking, tough talk and fighting were commonplace. How Idaho is that?

Fun fact: “Schweitzer” was named after a hermit who lived in the nearby mountains and stole local cats for stew. That fun fact has absolutely nothing to do with this project.

Foundation-up branding for a new ski-in hotel with gritty Idaho roots.