Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is on a mission to develop curative strategies for ALL cancers by 2025. Yes, ALL. That’s going to take money. The bulk of funds for their boldest research comes from their annual one-night gala. However, donor fatigue is real. Rich people get asked for money A LOT. The usual emotional appeals and cancer-survival stories have lost their persuasive power.

So we opted to motivate donors by challenging their entrepreneurial spirit. Their appetite for risk. Their bravery. And it worked. This video, played right before the raise-your-paddle donation event, helped Fred Hutch smash their audacious fundraising goal by more than 30%, netting over $13M. In one night. F you, cancer.

Fred Hutchinson Gala fundraising video. It’s 9 minutes long. You can do it.