Cybersecurity is, to put it mildly, INTENSE AND COMPLEX AS HELL. Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated and aggressive, not to mention better-funded by unfriendly governments. It’s a hot mess and there are trillion$ at stake. So it’s common for cybersecurity companies to slip into fear mongering and militaristic messages to show they take the threat seriously. Or to stick with tried-and-true, hyper-technical language. Either way, none of it feels at all personal.

F5 is different. Their culture is rooted in a people-first, do-the-right-thing ethos. They are a balance of vigilance and empathy. They’re also a $10B global company that nobody knows about because they operate largely behind-the-scenes.

So as F5 made a move out of the shadows to establish their security brand, they asked us to help them translate their people-first ethos into an authentic, ownable voice.

But that’s a big-time balancing act. Communicate toughness but also empathy. Be thoughtful without getting cringey. Land tech cred with a skeptical audience without slipping into tech-speak. Be serious without taking things too seriously. You know, kinda the impossible.

Our work was shaped and inspired by several 1:1 interviews with cybersecurity experts. Because these folks can sniff BS from a continent away.