Amazon Fire TV: #showhole

Don’t lead with features; lead with the human truth. Amazon Fire TV is a streaming media player in a largely undifferentiated sea of streaming media players. And while all SMPs share similar bells and whistles, we could still offer entertainment lovers something unique: empathy.

By paying attention to the comments section of a Fire TV social video, we picked up on the biggest emotional trauma of binge-streaming shows: the moment your favorite series runs out of eps.

Yeah, that moment. We branded this entertainment void as a “#Showhole,” and demonstrated why Fire TV, with its killer library of shows and movies, as well as its Amazon-caliber recommendation engine, is the ultimate #Showhole killer. Having Malcolm McDowell as the VO didn’t hurt, either.

Sales metrics aside, the highlight of this project was having parents tell us that their kid won’t stop yelling, “SO LONG, SHOWHOLE!” (Credit: D1)