Amazon Fire TV: Gary Busey Talks To Things

Advertising doesn’t compete with advertising. It competes with pop culture. And last time we checked, pop culture is undefeated. So if we’re going to ask for an audience’s attention to talk about the slick new thing your product can do, we’d better make it well worth their while. Amazon Fire TV was the first streaming media player to have voice search. Great. But not great enough to worm its way into our audience’s social feeds.

Enter Gary Busey, the perfect anti-spokesman, a guy you can imagine having in-depth conversations with household objects. The debut spot quickly racked up mentions that reached over 19 million social accounts. And Fire TV sold out within days, leading to Amazon’s most successful product launch. Hellllooooo, pants.

Getting Gary Busey to talk to inanimate objects wasn’t hard. Getting him to stop was. (Credit: WONGDOODY)