Amazon Echo Studio Launch

Amazon was launching the Echo Studio, a single smart speaker that adapts to any room to create an immersive 3D soundscape. Which is nuts. What was also nuts was the timing of this project—the window between product availability, video shoot and the press announcement was extremely short. Like, days.

Within 10 days of client contact, we built and deployed an army of production teams across the U.S. to shoot renowned recording artists and producers.

On one memorable day we shot Jason Aldean in Nashville, while simultaneously shooting Dion “No I.D.” Wilson in Los Angeles. Within hours, we learned that Rick Ross was available in Atlanta, hopped on the red-eye and made it happen. Then back to LA for Charlie Puth and 5 Seconds of Summer. In each location, the product had to sound amazing. Which it did.

Product launch video with big-name musicians including Jason Aldean, Charlie Puth and Rick Ross. Rick showed up with his own champagne, which was considerate.