A disruptively honest creative agency

Little Hands of Stone is an independent, full-service creative agency founded in 2019 and based in Seattle. We partner with brave companies to make work that wins in a batshit-crazy world. And yes, it’s never been batshittier or crazier. How do we do it? Glad you asked.

Honesty First

We’re not a “yes” agency. We believe the best things come from partnerships with a fair amount of healthy tension. You push us. We push you. We lock arms and run toward consumer truths, even when that gets uncomfortable. The work and our partnership get stronger because of it.

Scrappy Scale

We’ve worked agency-side, client-side and production-side. And we know those “sides” are quickly vanishing. We’re built to work alongside your company’s existing capabilities. We maintain a small core of senior full-timers and team with workhorse experts to offer custom, bolt-on resources to fit your right-now needs. So we can be super-lean. Or full-meal-deal. And everything in between. You get the project-specific firepower you need, with zero big-shop bloat.

MBA Creativity

It’s not hard to find agencies that can deliver insightful, well-informed strategy. It’s depressingly rare for that thinking to make it out of a PowerPoint and into the creative. Which is a waste of insights. And creativity. And budget. But we work differently—ask our clients. We out-homework other shops. We work the counter. We treat your challenges as our own. And by “we,” we mean every member of our team.

No Slapping

We believe it’s more fun to hit hard. To make things people love or loathe. To come out of nowhere and change minds. To tell the truth. To blow stuff up. And not be assholes while we’re doing it. We do this because emotion equals action. And action is the only thing that matters.


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Integrated Campaign Development
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